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Before turning to books, I spent many years as a newspaper reporter in my home state of Tennessee, New York, Washington D.C. and Montana.

My family had a couple of dogs when I was very young and adopted a number of stray cats, but I really became interested in the lives of animals after my husband and I acquired two Shelties. I was fascinated at the intelligence and emotional complexity of those beloved dogs.

I began to write about horse slaughtering and animal hoarding and – after covering an egregious puppy mill bust – my interest in the underbelly of the animal world deepened.

I studied Animal Law as a Nieman fellow at Harvard in 2004 and afterward began work on my first book: Saving Gracie: How one dog escaped the shadowy world of American puppy mill (Wiley, 2010.)

Last Chain on Billie is my second book.

I live in Great Falls, Montana with my husband and two rescued border collies.

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