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Welcome to carolbradley.com. I’m a former newspaper reporter, passionate animal lover and the author of two books. Saving Gracie: how one dog escaped the shadowy world of American puppy mills tells the awful truth about puppy mills in America through the compelling true story of a traumatized Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who spent six years in a cage giving birth to puppies before she was finally rescued. Last Chain on Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant Escaped the Big Top charts the astonishing history of captive elephants in America and tells the captivating story of an abused circus elephant who was finally given a chance at a better life.

Click on the *My Books* page of this website to learn more. Order your copies today from IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Amazon,  your favorite bookseller or, in the case of Last Chain, from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where Billie is now living the life she deserves.

And feel free to contact me at carol.bradley@charter.net. I’d love to hear from you!

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Jane Goodall calls Last Chain on Billie “powerful and haunting …  I urge everyone to buy and read and share this important – and beautifully written – book.”  Booklist describes it as “heartrending and uplifting….a well-researched winner” in a starred review.

Legendary talk-show host and ardent animal lover Bob Barker says Last Chain on Billiedeserves a standing ovation. It is a heart-rending and, unfortunately, deadly accurate description of elephant suffering in circuses and zoos. … Please read Last Chain on Billie. It will help you understand why the animal rights movement is sweeping the country.”

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Saving Gracie has also drawn acclaim. Library Journal calls it “an excellent expose of a shady industry.” People magazine describes it “a passionate call to action” and gives it four stars.

Saving Gracie is a story told with verve, with compassion, with style, and with marvelous intelligence,” writes Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, bestselling author of Dogs Never Lie About Love and The Face on Your Plate. “Any dog lover will be happy to add this to the growing list of wonderful books about dogs.”